Infrared Saunas and Athletic Performance

Athletes can benefit greatly from the benefits of our infrared saunas. Our saunas  assist performance from speeding up the recovery process from an injury to supporting overall general wellness. Infrared heat can assist in flushing out lactic acid, consequently helping muscles to loosen. Stretching in the sauna enhances your mobility, which in turn can speed up your recovery process, and also improves your flexibility. If you are looking to shed a few pounds for an upcoming competition, one 30-minute session has the potential to burn up to 600 calories. Lastly, our infrared saunas help you detoxify and leave your body feeling fresh and healthy. Call today and let Sweat Sauna Studio be a part of your training and fitness plans. 

Why use a Sauna In Warmer Weather?

Do not be fooled into thinking that an infrared sauna experience will be unbearably hot and uncomfortable, especially as temperatures rise outside. Our infrared saunas are designed to be used year round as a wellness tool.  They can  focus on detoxification, weight loss, cardiovascular, anti-aging and relaxation. So there is no need to fear the heat. Our infrared saunas are just as useful and relaxing in the warmer months. They are designed to give you the vitality you need to enjoy a rich and full life.  To fully achieve your wellness goals, schedule consistent sessions with us so you can see and feel the difference!

Sweating It Out- Pain Relief

Imagine that you have been suffering from chronic pain for years. You have tried everything and nothing seems to help. Sweat SaunaStudio is here to give you the relief that you have been looking for. Our infrared saunas use a combination of both  near, mid, and far infrared. Far and mid provides natural pain relief by reducing inflammation and swelling. While the near infrared penetrates surface tissue to promote cellular repair. It also assists to relieve tension and promote relaxation. Studies show that even after one session, pain is reduced up to 70%. Book your session with us today and relive yourself from chronic pain.